Sunday, 3 March 2013

Overview of Learning Sheets


Since I began teaching five years ago I have used Overview of Learning Sheets to help pupils (a) understand their learning journey and (b) assess their progress as we move through the Schemes of Learning. I have found these sheets to be invaluable tools when marking pupils' books as they highlight gaps in their understanding. The Overview of Learning sheets (an example of which can be downloaded here) requires the pupils to assess their understanding of key questions by ticking either green (fully understand), amber (partially understand) and red (do not understand) as we are learning about a given topic.  Whilst I appreciate that it would be easy for pupils to tick the green box, regardless of whether or not they have understood the key question being addressed, I find it is useful to question pupils on their self assessment whilst circulating the classroom. If pupils know that they will be be asked to justify why they have ticked a particular box they are more likely to provide an honest reflection. 

For each Overview Sheet there is an overriding question , for example, 'why were the trenches described as hell on earth?". This question is then broken down into smaller questions as I am a firm advocate of Enquiry Driven Learning as I believe that having lessons which are driven by a question not only provides challenge but also engagement from the onset of the lesson. 

MKII (incorporating SOLO) 

As from next term I will be introducing SOLO Taxonomy into my classroom. I won't pay SOLO a diservice by writing a long post about what it is and why it is having such a positive impact on learning. If you would like to know more I suggest reading The Learning Spy's blog or maybe this post by Darren Mead. You could also use the brilliant Hooked website for further information and resources.

With this in mind it feels only right that I create the Overview of Learning Sheet MKII to include SOLO levels of understanding: 

You can download the first example here. As this is a work in progress I would very much appreciate any observations/ feedback....... 

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