Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Behaviour Management with ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a brilliant behaviour management tool for educators. If you unaware of what it is and what it can do then you could start by watching this pupil friendly video (I show this to all of my pupils before we start using it): 

ClassDojo works exceptionally well when trying to engage the reluctant learner and also those presenting challenging behaviours. I've been using ClassDojo for months now and absolutely love it. As do my pupils. Here are my top four reasons for recommending this wonderful FREE software:

Customisable behaviours

ClassDojo comes with pre-programmed behaviours which you can use to reward pupils for their positive behaviours and deduct points for making the wrong choices. Here are mine:

Positive Behaviours

Negative Behaviours

Random Name Generator

A great way to embed AfL in you classroom. Not only can you randomly select pupils to answer questions but you can also reward them points for their answers. Also, pupils love watching the avatars changing until it lands on the selected pupil.

Pupil Accounts

Pupils can create their own accounts once they receive their teacher generated codes (very easy to do). This is great as they can track their own progress and see what they need to do to improve. They can also create their own avatars which they seem to love doing regardless of their age!

There's an App for that

ClassDojo has now developed their own iOS and Android apps which are brilliant for awarding points as you circulate the classroom. Also, it keeps pupils on their toes as they hear the sounds after positive or negative points are given.

So, what do all of these points actually amount to? Well, as a department we have invested in some history related prizes which you can see here and here. These are awarded to the top three pupils in each class at the end of each half term. Thereafter the points are reset to zero and the process starts again. 

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